MEET our team

  • Deron Higgins

    Lead Pastor and Founder (captain of ideation)

    I am pro at: All things Beach and Baja

    What you should know about me: I love teaching at CHS and SDCC along with coaching volleyball with my kids Jessi and Duncan. I'm still crazy about my best friend Netters after 25+ terrific years together. I am fortunate to have an incredible ministry team that I get to do this with...

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  • bonnie robak

    needs a fabulous title

    I'm pro at: keeping it positive and real

    What you should know about me: Soccer mom. God’s Girl passionate about a microphone, authenticity and transparency. Truth matters… a lot. I make a great brownie and an even better chocolate cake. I love the diversity of my life, my family and the ever changing landscape of my days.


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  • gina cigainero

    office manager

    I'm pro at: all things office related, hugs and chicken enchiladas

    What you should know about me: I like to dabble in photography, create new recipes and pulling weeds is my stress release. I'm wife to the best husband and mama to four lovely kids.

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  • Dale & Naomie Doire

    Children's Ministry Directors

    Dale is pro at: Outside of the box thinking.

    What you should know about Dale: Kid's ministry is a two way street. I'm teaching the kids and they teach me. I like to hear what's on their minds so I can pray for them and develop the lesson plan around my specific group of kids. They keep me in constant communication with the Heavenly Father throughout the week, doing this - THANKS kids!

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  • Scott Coyle

    Worship team leader

    I'm pro at: Playing pieces of wood with strings on them and playing with knobs.

    What you should know about me: Been leading worship and teams since my teens. Father to 3 adult children; step father to 1 adult daughter. Teach guitar and bass privately and do some record production. Enjoying life with my wife, who I call my "thank you gift". Love to travel and the ocean.

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  • juice ortiz

    G2 Student Ministries

    I'm pro at: Water Sports and Volleyball

    What should know about me: I love students, having fun and seeing them fall in love with Jesus as they get to know Him better.

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  • Will and Cindy Downey

    Serve Team LEaders

    William and Cindy are gracious and loving and have true servants hearts. Cindy is a pro at all things party planning.