It's God's Story:

A story that began long before any of us were born. 

A story that spans from creation to the cross, but didn’t end with the cross. 

It’s the story of hope that impacts each of our lives on a daily basis. 

It’s the story of God’s son Jesus, the ultimate expression of love for imperfect people.

The Gathering is A Story

The Gathering is the story of a family that God began in July 2004.

We started by meeting in a home, a growing family of people called the church on a journey of faith. 

In September 2004 we moved to RSD Elementary.

Today the Gathering continues to serve as a link and home to those investigating the Christian faith. We are committed to this value.

It’s a story that begins with a simple belief: 

God loves you deeply and passionately just the way you are and He wants you to know Him